Track your Employee all activities by our latest Employee Monitoring Software Aurangabad for Android and Iphone such as chat, logs, sms, facebook, twitters etc.

Employee Monitoring Spy Software In Aurangabad

Employee Monitoring

With the globalization, Indian working class has opened up to new opportunities and working environment has transformed completely in last three decades. Now a days the employer-employee relationship can not be simply said to be a master and servant relation. It is more of a responsibility of the employer now to get work out the employee rather than the vice - versa, which was the case earlier. You are said to be lucky if you have an honest person working for you. But everyone is not so lucky and there are times when we feel that something is going wrong but are unable to make out. In such circumstances, its always wise to decipher out secretly what's going on behind the curtains. Everybody uses mobile phones these days and these phones are the easiest way to communicate with other human beings. We have brought for the first time in India a technology which will revolutionize the way we keep tract of our employees. Our employee monitoring software for android operating system based phones can be easily installed in few minutes by you. After activation it sends all call details. Contact addresses, emails, sms, mms etc to a remote server through internet. All this data can be downloaded to the computer from the server anywhere in world. You can purchase our employee monitoring software in Aurangabad. We have kept prices of employee monitoring software in Aurangabad shop lower than those in Aurangabad. You may visit us for a live demo at employee monitoring software shop in Aurangabad. As an inaugural offer we are giving heavy discounts to our customers of employee monitoring software in Aurangabad. In case you have an iphone you can bring it to our employee monitoring software for iphone shop in Aurangabad. Our sales executive will jailbreak your iphone and installs the software on it. We sell our software with a company hallmark on it. Please beware of piracy as we have no other branch in India. Our software comes with a buy-back offer of one month from the day of installation. This software is virus protected and does not affect the speed of the android operating system of mobile phones. Except for the person installing it none else comes to know about its presence on the mobile phone. So, hurry up and get it installed on your employee's phone and keep your watchful eyes always on.

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